Monday, June 30, 2008

Obligatory update

Don't really have anything worth mentioning, but I thought I'd post to let a few people know they aren't being ignored.

I'm working on...let's say a total "mulligan" on the AF Hats. I plan to redo the entire set at both 1/1 and 1/2 scales. Thing is, I just discovered why I've been getting some funny problems with some of the more recent models I've tried to unfold. Something about the viewer program contained in that MediaFire link with the latest lists screws up the scaling. The original Model Viewer I was using keeps the measurements ingame at a realistic scale (i.e. Galka are over 7 feet tall). So I've had to do a bit of a shuffle and stop using the program. I'm going to switch the latest lists over to be used with the old program that keeps the scales right, and I should have some basic results soon enough.

My current project is the FFXI Airship, and it's coming along, as you can see. But I'm at a bit of an impass. The front half of the deck is slightly too long, and so the edges don't match up with the tabs. Not to mention that, if you put the two halves of the deck together first, it's effectively impossible to connect it to the hull without losing finger-access to connection tabs either on the lower half of the hull, or to the bottom of the deck. I've tried scaling Urashiman's modified Highwind propellers to work as the missing propellers, and a cursory glance would suggest they'll do fine, but I'm not quite to that phase of construction yet. If I can just work out this deck issue, it should all work nicely.

Edit: oh geez, I almost forgot. The FFXII Fran model. I do not have the .pdo for it. I actually started a thread on /po/ a few months ago asking for any FFXII related papercraft, and it was the only return. The story I got with it suggests that I may be the first person, apart from the creator, to finish the model. I had to treat the thing like a puzzle, and eventually use game art and screen shots as reference material. The original post of it is not as large as mine. I noticed the resolution of the pages was exceptionally high, just about twice a normal page, so I just copied and pasted the pieces onto new pages in PhotoShop. It consumed more paper and ink, but in the longrun, I think it made the build much easier, considering I was only going on texture and tab allignment/page layout to figure out where each piece went. To the person who requested it: if you'd like to wing it and try without a 3D model, I'd be happy to give pointers if you get stuck. Just know I never really figured out the hair. That was at the end of the build, and I just wanted it to be done, so I kind of stuck it on in a way that seemed half-decent.


Anonymous said...

I think i have the pdo for the fran model if you want it ill look through my cd's of papercraft (i think i know which it is on)By the way the airship looks good.