Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Moogle

FFXI Moogle

Not gonna lie, this build was pretty phoned-in. But rest assured, my finished model looks like crap because I got lazy, not because the design is flawed.
Anyhow, I did a custom texture, the release contains the standard Moogle and Nomad Moogle.

So it's 2009. Woo! etc...
I guess I've been at this for about six months now. The funny part is I've posted a Moogle layout three times now. I guess the third time really is the charm, because the first two incarnations were absolute waste.

I'm working on rearranging my shelves, playing with some stencils and stuff. I'll probably have lots of crap to post on DeviantArt later tonight, but nothing release-related. I've got some errands to get done tomorrow, so I won't jump right into the next release, but I'll probably do some smaller items next. Probably Mojo, Aerith, and Kid, in that order. After that, I'll need several days to work on the Fahrenheit.

Check back often, etc.


Lyrin said...

Wow! It's so cool! But, may I say, so big too! Can you release at least a half size version, pretty please? And maybe a stand or something of the sort, since I can't make it dangle?

Alicia said...

How tall is your moogle? I'm looking for something epic to build for a friend as a birthday gift and it's between this moogle and Lady Luck.

Kaizo said...

I wouldn't say the moogle is anywhere near as "epic" as Lady Luck, but it's pretty big. About 47cm or 18in counting the pom-pom.

I'm not sure if she's started on it, but I've also got Lyrin set up with one that should end up about 27cm.

Alicia said...

Thanks. I also saw the double sized link on and I wanted something at least 20 inches tall and that's close.

Kaizo said...

Yeah, that was a gift Haywan did for someone.

If you're into double-sized and "epic" you could always go for the versions of Urashiman's Highwind I scaled up. Pictures of the ones I built are on my DeviantArt page.

Alicia said...

I don't think I'm woman enough for that. Besides the gift is for a girl.

Kaizo said...

Well in that case, I'd say Lady Luck is the epic model of choice...but obviously I'm a little biased.

Patty said...

Hey Kaizoo.
I really like the Moogle, but why don't u set the pdf/pdos for the "dark one" online?
I think, he looks really cool, with the dark cap and bag etc.
But in the files there are only the normal ones. Really sad.
Would be great, to get the files for the dark one.

Mogri said...

Hi Kaizo! Thanks for all your models, there are great, ive build the FFXI Moogle as the normal and the nomad version but i need the dark one for a moogle family ;) It would be great if you could upload the dark one to.