Saturday, March 28, 2009

3-28-09: The Day of Cloud


Well here he is. I've had this model ready for release for a few weeks now, just waiting for Ninjatoes to finish his Kingdom Hearts version, and he has. You'll notice there are some changes I've recently adopted in my layouts/finished photos/instructions that aren't present in this model. Like I said...couple of weeks.

Well...what are you sitting around here for? Get over to Ninjatoes' site and get started on the better of the two models.

If you'll excuse me, I've got a spikey haired blonde boy to get building.


Just finished up. Are you ready for it? Here's my patented "why I'm so slow," excuse: Would've finished last night, but in the last few weeks, Sunday has become reserved for D&D. That and when I got home around 2 this morning, I had to start doing late homework and cram for a Japanese exam that took place about 11 hours later (I'll make a B if I'm lucky...).

I was considering doing this big Red Hollow Cylinder gag, joke about one showing up in my apartment, despite never having built one, then it attacking me, series of funny pictures, etc.

Laziness says I'm not gonna bother...

Oh! And would you look at that, he's already right at home amongst other Ninjatoes models.

Righto, back to work for me.

Good lord, did I really just mention both Dungeons and Dragons and studying Japanese in the same paragraph? That really can't be a good thing...


Armeniz said...

I'm form brazil and really love your ff7 papercrafts!!
U'r amazing man!!!!

Thank you so much and never stop!!

Chrono said...

Slow? You? It took me 2 weeks to make Kid (and my build is far worse than yours...) Slow? You're kidding :P
Btw, D&D rules

Anonymous said...

I've been building your final fantasy VII characters recently (finished Aerith, Red and Sephiroth), and I was just wondering if you have any plan to release Cloud in regular outfit instead of in Shinra uniform. I absolutely love your works and still waiting for Tifa, Vincent and Yuffi. Thanks

Aline said...

Hello Kaizo,
I'm from Switzerland and I love your papercrafts! I'm building this one at the moment... Cloud's hairs are a little bit tricky!

Thanks for your work!

Marcelo Ayala (Mox) said...

Hello Kaizo I'm building your FF7 Cloud, but I'm stuck with the hair, can I have some more instructions of how to attach parts 60-68?

my email is