Saturday, August 29, 2009

Choral Roundlet

Choral Roundlet

Sorry this one took about...two weeks longer than expected. So many reasons I could claim it got put off, but it really always boils down to laziness. As the post below describes, I ran into some more computer troubles, but those were settled in about 24 hours, and while classes did start on Thursday, I'm not in any sort of restrictive crunch quite yet (though a cursory glance suggests the end of the semester is going to hurt).

Anyway, I still haven't gotten my copy of Dissidia in yet, so the video will have to wait until it arrives. However, I'm more than capable of doing a video on Crisis Core, as well as some generic tips and stuff people wanted to see. Finally, I'm thinking of doing a big post with one or two videos as a sort of "Introduction to Papercraft." Covers the most basic of basics about construction and Pepakura use, then maybe some basic stuff on design work.

Expect something video related tomorrow (I swear this time >_>). If nothing else, I'll record the video tomorrow and have it uploaded early Sunday morning.

And again, if you've got Dissidia and a PS3, you should really look into Adhoc Party. It's a bit of a trick to figure out if you don't have some knowledge of Japanese, but there are guides out there for the mono-linguals among us, and it's well worth it. Especially if you think you stand a chance against the raw power of Cecil.

So, ya know, message me on PSN if you're up for it, and bring it on.


Fezco said...

LOL, I can only imagine the indignity that some poor soul would feel after getting beat up in Dissidia with a guy wearing that hat.

Not to mention that blood lust look in your eye while wearing that hat while kicking someones rear end in Dissidia!

hahahaha.... the wonders of papercraft and gaming never ceases to amaze me.

Kaizo said...

Well I don't really wear them beyond the one time necessary for the photo...

Anonymous said...

one question: you mean, i can play against some people throu ps3 with my psp?

Kaizo said...

That's what Adhoc Party is for, and yes, there are plenty of people all riled up that there isn't an English version.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i saw the link, in your text. (after i asked this question)
i will give it a try.
if i get it, then we can play dissidia together.