Saturday, August 1, 2009

Healer's Cap

Healer's Cap

Okay, so first things first. Obviously I'm doing these as slow as is physically possible considering I've got more than a handful actually laid out and ready to build. You want excuses? I've got excuses. Oh just you wait for these excuses.

You ready?

I'm really really lazy.

Right, so that's a terrible excuse. A better one would be that I have enough ink for maybe one more hat and the longer I draw out my releases the longer I can procrastinate about ordering more ink (yes order, you can get it super cheap through Amazon marketplace, whereas buying some at Staples is retarded-expensive).

On an unrelated note, I've also been enjoying some break time actually playing video games. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to kill a Big Daddy on Survivor mode. Well, maybe you would. I guess it largely depends on whether or not you've played Bioshock on Survivor difficulty. I also find Fat Princess to be a hilarious and engaging game. Worth the money, if you've got it to spare.

Anyway, that's all for now. I might do another one tomorrow (read: later today, as it's entirely too early), I might not have the ink to do so. We'll find out.

That is all.

It really does look strikingly similar to a condom...


Anonymous said...

LOL that headgear definitely gives new meaning to the term "di**head"

Anonymous said...

not related to your current release, but just wondering, how's the goblin project thing going? Still releasing the goblin models?

Kaizo said...

I've only heard back from two of my testbuilders. Eventually I'll get back to it, but the planned scope of the project is downright huge. I'll get back to it eventually, but there's a lot to do.