Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Had to come up with something better than a generic standing pose, Chenille suggested that at least one member of the party should be sitting down in front, as per every group photo ever taken. I think it turned out alright, considering there's no game basis for this stance.

So the obvious thing is this leaves us with one member of the party left to build. I have a very rough idea of how I'd like to pose Vincent (I'm going to have to abandon the two I was previously considering), but it should turn out alright. He's considerably more detailed than most of the others. I'll probably try to do another FFXI helm soon if my ink cartridge holds out.

Anyway, there's been a bit of clamor for a "Fan Section," wherein people can submit their finished photos and whatnot. So far I haven't received anything from anyone (generally people never send me finished stuff, much less when I actually ask,) but hopefully I can round up some stuff. The minimal response I've gotten so far also indicates people might want to submit their own content-related models. Anything you want posted will go up, assuming it's appropriate.

If you'd like to submit something to the Fan Section, email it to me or send me a link to an upload by whichever means you like (My contact information can be found on the sidebar). I'll put a link to the Fan Section in the sidebar once I've got enough stuff to actually post.

You may also have noticed that I've finally taken the time to tag all my posts and place a labels section in the sidebar. Just minor tweaks people have asked for, etc.. Mainly things are grouped by the game from which they originate, but there are also some items like the "Blog Core" (Request Policy, Project List, Sandbox), and the "Obsolete" tag, posts bearing which contain links to models which have since been updated. All updated versions are in the Mediafire folder, which I reccomend everyone use for downloads anyway.

I'm also thinking about doing some more videos soon. Generic stuff like scratch posing in 3DS Max, the process for Crisis Core extraction, and eventually Dissidia stuff (gonna wait for the American release, for obvious legal reasons). If you have any specific design related questions that you'd like answered, ask them in the next week or so, and I'll find some good examples to demonstrate an answer in a video.

In the meantime, send in your finished photos, make requests, think of some design questions, and keep building.


Tektonten said...

I typically create prop papercraft, but I am looking to branch out in the near future and start doing some character papercraft from the Star Trek Elite Force and Tron 2.0 video games. Any tips on how to pose 3D character models in 3DS Max or Sketchup would be appreciated!

papercm said...

Hey Kaizo,

I took a look at your Chrono Cross Kid model and was wondering, did the texture for the pupils come separate from the face? If so, how were you able to combine the textures onto a single piece/plane?


Mr. K said...

The Chrono Cross models have one complete texture, no separation for the eyes.

Fezco said...

Totally unrelated to Yuffie... but just wondering, that Scythe your custom Cardian is holding, it's not the same one on the shared MF folder right? I'm hoping to build another Cardian for the other side of my desk, but I'd like for it to be holding something else other than the banner thingy.

Is it possible to request a scythe scaled for the Cardian and maybe perhaps flip the Cardian template so it would appear like he's holding the scythe on the left claw instead?

Fezco said...

Oh wait, never mind about flipping the template, I can prolly do that in Photoshop instead. Just the request for the scythe then if possible.

Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

She's adorable!!!

Mr. K said...

The scythe I used for my custom was not the Ark Angel scythe, and I'll help you get the layout the way you want. It'll turn out better if it's done in Pepakura than in Photoshop. You usually lose some quality when you mess with PDFs in Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

could you like aslo provide tutoerials on how to get models from final fatnasy XII? would like to make vaan!

Fezco said...

If I recall, Kaizo is having issues in getting the models from FFXII. So an actual "tutoerial".. ahaha.... ahem, won't be an easy thing to do if the attempt is a failure in actually getting a model.

Anyway, I'd like to see that tutorial we discussed before about the mesh on Leblanc's dress, that could come in handy. Also, a quick tutorial on texture editing if possible.

A video about Scratch Posing is definitely something I'm looking forward to watching. I may learn something new from that, or simply improve on my methods.

Mr. K said...

Ehh, from what I've seen, you're better at scratch posing than I am. Anyway, I'm making a list of stuff to address. I've got another week until Fall semester starts, so I'll try to knock everything out while I wait on my ink to arrive.

Also, don't bait the trolls. It makes me nauseous too, but you gotta swallow that Grammar Nazi voice in your head and just sigh.

Ugh...I have a friend who thinks she's a writer...
I have a hard time keeping myself from very authoritatively informing her that the word "Ridiculous" contains neither A's nor E's.

I swear, some people are just rediculas.