Saturday, August 29, 2009

Video 7: Crisis Core Process

Probably could've knocked this one out a while back, but meh. It's not as long as I expected it to be, so you should consider watching the whole thing (possibly multiple times) before asking me questions I've already answered. I think I'm going to continue and do another video tonight, some tips and tricks on generic stuff. Dissidia will have to wait at least until Monday (depending on when I get my copy), possibly later, as I'd really like to do the whole process justice and show the making of Kefka. Might have to do the process on Ustream, just give a quick tutorial on MegaVideo.

Anyway, here are the links promised in the video:

USB SSS 1.00

UMDGen 4.0


Mesh2RDM 1.81

The sample .BAT's line of code

mesh2rdm FILE.raw FILE.smd -texpre FILE -rotate -90 0 0 -scale 1.0 -smdout -flipuv

(remember that FILE should be replaced with the name of the file in particular, and that you can swap the .SMD suffix with .OBJ, but remember to also change the "-smdout" function to "-objout")

Crisis Core model list

Until next time, happy crafting.


Fezco said...

Awesome video man! Watched it during dinner. Really entertaining and informative as always. Not to mention the cool soundtrack starting at the 19:40 mark!

Al said...

Heh, me again. I have some issues with pepakura when I open .obj files, it starts and nothing happens and suddenly crashes. Another issue is that when adding ifrit's texture in 3ds 2010 the textures aren't how they should be. Any ideas? Thx in advance.
P.S.: I possess utter n00bness

Kaizo said...

Well, I'm not sure about the OBJ files crashing Pepakura, but as for textures, make sure you've got the -flipuv command in your batch file.

The One said...

would you help me with something? I followed you instructions from both the FFVII CC process video and Dissidia process video for the BAT files, but it's not converting properly. Instead, my cmd just keeps inputting my bat's location. Please email me at whenever you can. Much appreciated that you took some time to at least read this :)

Anonymous said...

I REALLY need your help. The FFCC_Extractor is no longer avaiable anywhere. Can You please re-upload it?
You'll become my hero :(