Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reporting live from... laptop. Honestly, I just want a computer that doesn't give me some new and interesting horrible problem to solve every other month. Is that so much to ask?!

Anyway, my PC has decided to consume its own brain, yet again. I'll be looking into a more permanent solution this time. Normally the whole effort would take me about a day or two, but with classes starting Thursday and the now ever-present distraction that is Dissidia, it might take me until the weekend to get things sorted.

Just thought I'd give you a heads up as I was planning to do several videos and get the Bard AF hat released in the next few days. Clearly those will be on hiatus until I can make my damn machine stop failing so hard.

By the way, if you've got Ad Hoc party, I'm willing to take on all challengers. My PSN ID is in the Contact section.


Solved the issues, but it required reinstalling Windows, again. I'll probably have things back up to speed by the end of the night, but tomorrow is the start of Fall semester, so time will be more of a commodity (no worries, I'm a really bad student). I'll try to get the Bard AF done tomorrow and get some videos done Friday and Saturday. I just got word from Amazon that my copy of Dissidia shipped today, but I find when the stock ships in from Dallas, it gets here in two days or less. Given how lazy I've been lately, this whole debacle probably could've gone unnoticed, but I never hesitate to make excuses when they're even somewhat legitimate.