Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Courier Carrie

Courier Carrie

I would've had this finished and released a week and a half ago, but I went out of town for the weekend and got swamped with school work on my return. First attempt at my own non-folded model. I'm really pleased with how the finished product turned out. No ugly polygons, nice and smooth.

(This is what my apartment looks like when I'm too busy to clean. 12 pages of written work in about 24 hours counts as busy right?)

I didn't get many responses for my little vote, but they all pointed to working on the hats again. Well, bad news. After working on a test build a bit more, I've determined that making series of life-size wearable hats is simply more effort than I'm willing to put forth. After attempting to dial in on the perfect size with Maat's Cap, I've realized that what fits perfect for me won't be perfect for everyone. Not to mention the various difficulties of floating pieces (armor is riddled with them).

(If they were all the same size, I could have a nice little shell game.)

But the news isn't all bad. Given that the issues I have with making the hats all lie in making them wearable, I'm more than willing to make the sets at a smaller scale, just to be little desk toys. The main problem is that internal sections, which give structure and provide a face for floating pieces to attach to, must be removed in order to be worn. Take out the issue of wearability, and all the problems are solved. I'd love to hear some feedback, and I know there were people who wanted smaller versions in the first place.
I also know that between mine and (especially) GoblinGuy's work, a number of people have started working on their own FFXI models. First off, I'd like to extend my own services to anyone working on their own. I'd love to give advice, and particularly hosting. Contact me any time. Beyond that, as one of my problems with the hats is getting a perfect, personal size, I know many people are willing to do the work to make one perfect for themselves. If you're interested in this, I've thrown together a simple hat stand in Sketchup. I've abandoned making my own full set of life-size since, but if anyone's interested, the final product looks something like this:

(If you do make it, just attach the cylinder to the top plate of the base for stability. Don't bother making the entire box, it's just a hassle. The sphere, as is, is a little large for a head simulate. You may want to cut it up the back and adjust the size how you see fit.)

I've still got exams going for a while, Disgaea 3 eating away at the back of my mind, and a big file folder full of models I'm ready to build. The next release will almost certainly be three mandragoras set to the same scale as Carrie, but I'm not ready to post them until I've built them for myself. Beyond that, I'm not sure what I'll do next, but I'm leaning toward a very large Goblin related project. I've also been dealing a bit with some other Final Fantasy models, so don't be surprised if I expand my roster soon. I may also have a special surprise coming, so keep an open eye.


Anonymous said...

You again rock so hard :D
Thanks for the CC papercraft <3