Sunday, October 26, 2008

On the carving of pumpkins

So, just a bit of housekeeping and pointless posting.

Obviously some changes with the blog, trying to zero in on a look I enjoy. New gadgets, etc. Trying to make this place look decent. Anyway, Halloween's coming up in a few days, and I had a chance to play with some stencils.

Basically just cleaned up a few points along the image. They're all from the "Final Fantasy Elements" font, found over at Can be used for pumpkin carving or just general mischief. Might need to clean them up a bit more if you want to stick them on a pumpkin.

To the person who requested the Ark Angel Mithra axe: I had it laid out the same morning I saw the comment. Just let me know how big you want it, and I'll post. Right now it's at the same scale I'm doing all the Ark Angels, but if you want a stand-alone version, I imagine you want it as close to life size as possible.

Finally got my papercraft folder organized, something I've been meaning to do for a while. The last two models I need to fix up for re-release are the Mini Airship and the Cardian (earliest models need the most work, go figure). I should have them in the shared folder by the end of the week. I'm also intending to get Odin's Horse ready for Haywan. I'll post the PDO for anyone who wants to see how it ends up. He's likely to make some form of instructions on the build, but if I've laid it out right, it really shouldn't need any.

Anyhow, after that, Lady Luck's up to bat. I've already got her broken down the way I like, but I think I'm going to try to make some better parts/instructions PDFs with this one. Expect some Ninjatoes-esque guide work on this one. I'll give it my best shot to produce instructions of his caliber.

Oh right, geez, almost forgot. Check this out:

Obviously very much in the development stages, but that is indeed the field model of Cid from FFVII. So yeah, FFVII's fair game now too. Like I said, ever expanding horizons.

Check back often, yadda yadda, requests always welcome, blah blah, you know the drill.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I have been away from the internet for a while - A stand alone version of the Mithra axe would be great! Thank you so much for making this. My friend (and I) are very happy! :)

Kaizo said...

Just give me an approximate size and I'll get it uploaded.