Sunday, October 12, 2008



This was originally a follow-up to the Life-size Mandragora. I printed out all three a few months ago, but just kept putting off the build. I figure one's enough for a proof of concept, and I improved the model in the testbuild. Pictured is a Korrigan; the release is all three: Mandragora, Korrigan, and Lycopodium. The idea was to make something a little more reasonably sized, for those who didn't want to waste half a printer cartridge on a single model. This is also the first of my models (I think) that's small enough to fit on a stand, so I took the opportunity to modify the classic Final Fantasy Papercraft stand. Credit to Black Mage 001 for the original design.

As for those Halloween related items I was planning on...well laziness and other projects dictate that they get tossed aside. Sorry if anyone was looking forward to them (honestly, was anyone? pfft, of course not).

In other news, Haywan, over at has decided he wants a challenge, and apparently I'm the guy who's gonna deliver. Remember when I said don't hold your breath about seeing models like Odin here? Well, apparently that just sounded like "bring it on." So I'm going to be laying the model out for him over the next week or so, and he's going to take a crack at it and make some instructions (maybe even one of those fancy stop-time animation videos). I'd also like to thank him for posting everything from my blog in his museum (though I would advise everyone to avoid my earlier models, the ones I said were untested. Lord, what a mess.) Anyway, if you haven't checked out his site, it's an excellent repository.

(I tried to warn him, but whatever. Not my blood pressure on the line...)

Finally, I just made a massive breakthrough today with a model that...I can't even express how badly I want to see this thing sitting next to my TV. And I'd like to thank Gamerjoy for getting me moving in the right direction to expand my papercraft topic roster (ok, so a jump from one Final Fantasy to another isn't massive, but it's better than the same old nonsense every time.)

I'll just leave this here...


Anonymous said...

wow, you should life-size the lady luck LOL

Geberel said...

This model of Luky Girl,This model this brilliant one, as your other models I hope to that you finish your design to be able to arm it. I have admired your work for a long time but to not habia animated me to write nothing but your designs are incredible continues thus working and thanks to share your fabulous models, =)

Anonymous said...

Love those 2 glowing eyeballs~ hmmm might be interesting to cut them out place tissue paper on the under side and illuminate by creating a hole in its budd and placing a led or something in there XD

Kaizo said...

I've been wanting to try an LED inside a model for a while now. There are a few lanterns from the furniture items, and I think a Bomb would make a cool glowing lamp as well. Haven't been able to get a hold of the necessary materials though.

Anonymous said...

When you do lemme know, I would love to see how they turn out. Also I have a personal favor to ask - I have been sharing the papercrafts you have done with some friends who also play ffxi and they were wondering if you can make a model of the A.A. mithra axe.
I have tried editing it myself but having some issues with pepakura.
Thanks much again!

Kaizo said...

Well the LEDs aren't likely to happen any time soon, it's just something I'd love to try.

As for the AA Mithra axe:
All five have been in the "long term project" bin for a while, so I've got most of the weapons laid out. The Mithra's axe and the Hume's swords are the only two left, and I've knocked out the axe today as per your request. I've got it ready at the preset scale I plan to build all the full models in, but if you're building it on its own, how large would you like it? It's going to be a tricky build, just because the shape of the axe is so bizarre. Let me know how big you'd like to build the finished product and I'll get it uploaded.

Anonymous said...

ohhh... i know this post is old, but is it ok to request odin's helmet? btw love yer work! <3