Monday, January 19, 2009



The short version of everything I have to say about this build is: I'm not entirely satisfied with the finished product, but it's given me too much trouble to consider scrapping it again. It also isn't a particularly easy build. As a great robot once said, "this ain't gonna be no cake-walk in the tea-park." The hair is...quite the rough customer, but it could have turned out much worse. My biggest gripe is with the pose. It's too vague and the right arm is just...dumb. I'm not sure. I'll probably feel better about it when I haven't been awake all night, and am not coming down off a caffeine high.

Anyway, spring semester starts tomorrow, so I'll be taking the Fahrenheit more casually. If my previous comments didn't indicate, my sleeping habits have become utterly befuddled, and I'm currently in the process of an auto-rectification, by means of sleep deprivation and caffeination. Tomorrow's the inauguration. A new president for this nation.

Okay, now I'm just getting loopy.

I'll be attempting to put together a long-term project list soon. I'll try to get it posted once it comes into being.

In the meantime, enjoy your papercraftulation.


Chrono said...

I think it's a beautiful Kid. Congrats Kaizo!

Vinícius Pontin da Silva said...

How can i scale the pepakura pdo file (its locked)?? I want to print for a bigger version. Thanks in advance!