Friday, January 16, 2009

Revisions Necessary

Took several days off to play LittleBigPlanet and listen to the His Dark Materials trilogy on audio book (what can I say, I just have a hard time forcing myself to crack open a book), both of which I sorely enjoyed. I think the passive entertainment did me some good as a change of pace.

The interesting thing is how similar I find the characters of Kid and Lyra (you know, the whole scrappy blond tomboy with an uncertain, but absolutely critical destiny). I know and accept why Will and Lyra had to part ways at the end (that whole, 'build the Republic where you are,' sobering you up to remind you that, it may have been a fictional fantasy, but it had a real message, and real messages don't have fairy-tale endings), but all the same, it still left a bitter taste in my mouth, and I had a hard time getting back this build as a result. Kind of an odd emotional response from paper toys, but whatever.

I was prepared to play this build lazily. The layout was effectively "done" for quite some time, but I knew I could make it much easier. I avoided making the revisions because it would mean losing the majority of the layout, which would just drag the whole process out even longer. While the progress so far is decent looking enough, it's occurred to me that this is one of those models that will bring in new readers, and will probably be built by more people than my stage-fright inclined disposition would like to admit to.

To make a long story (one which you've probably read the majority of at this point {apologies on that account}) short, I've started making the revisions. Classes start on Tuesday, so I'll try to get it done and released before then, then take the Fahrenheit build more casually while I get back into the swing of a regular schedule.

I've also put up a dedicated page for my ridiculous little "Bonus Questions," which you can find if you'll look slightly to the left, but that's more or less unrelated. Expect the release in the next few days.


Chrono said...

Gambare Kaizo! Those legs are freaking amazing already!!