Saturday, January 3, 2009



Was aiming for Mojo's world map idle animation with the pose. Build was surprisingly fast and easy. Could've knocked it out in a day if I was concentrating.

I forgot to mention with the moogle release: This model can probably be scaled down considerably and still be buildable. Thanks to Lyrin for reminding me to bring it up.

I don't plan to rebuild the moogle any smaller to test it, but if anyone would like to, shoot me an email or instant message and I'll get you set up with what you need. I ask that you have a camera of some kind to take a picture of the finished product if you'd like to testbuild for me. A crappy cell phone camera is sufficient. The model should build precisely the same way, just a little more difficult in some of the smaller folds (feet, hand-nubs, and maybe in the wings).