Saturday, September 5, 2009

Video 8: Dissidia Process

So, people have been clamoring for this one since before the American release of Dissidia. Here it is. Stop bothering me about it. The process is more or less identical to the Crisis Core process, the only difference being that you swap the Crisis Core model extractor for the Dissidia one. There are also some interesting details regarding files that contain multiple models (EX Mode and whatnot), as well as some guidelines on how to handle different character incarnations. I ask that if you plan to make Dissidia models, use the prescribed scales.

Anyway, here are the links promised in the video:

USB SSS 1.00

UMDGen 4.0


Mesh2RDM 1.81

The sample .BAT's line of code

mesh2rdm FILE.smd -texpre FILE - dissskip 0 -rotate -90 0 0 -scale 1.0 -smdout -flipuv

(remember that FILE should be replaced with the name of the file in particular, and that you can swap the .SMD suffix with .OBJ, but remember to also change the "-smdout" function to "-objout")

Dissidia model list

Remember, when unfolding:

If you're going to go with one of the "pre-posed" statues, don't alter the scale at any time (like in 3DS or Sketchup) and unfold in Pepakura at a scale of 1.50.

If you're using one of the unposed models and plan to pose it yourself, again, refrain from altering the scale at any time in the conversion/pose, and unfold at a scale of 0.90.

A cross-designer complete Dissidia set at the same scale would be the epitome of least in terms of Final Fantasy papercraft.

. . .

That may be one of the nerdiest things I've ever said...

Crap, I forgot, I already uploaded the Kefka fight a while back to show some people. Forgot to post it here.