Tuesday, September 15, 2009



First of the next two Chrono Cross models, the second (possibly later this afternoon) being Fargo. Did the entire build on Usteam. Apologies though, as I only realized after finishing everything that my Line In has been muted for the last several days, which means all the music and audio for the last several videos (Lynx build, Shinra Copter build, and Cecil layout) have all been silent. I was under the impression you were hearing all kinds of stuff. Oh well~

As a result, if you go back and watch the Lynx build, it may be important to note that I was watching standup comedy for almost the entire thing. Just thought I'd let you know what the inexplicable, hysterical laughter was about. I thought I was sharing Louis CK's hilariously dark humor with you, but apparently not. I'll make sure that's fixed for any future videos. And yes, I was eating orange juice concentrate. I do that...

Anyway, it occurred to me while building this, that I think the Chrono Cross models are my favorites. The meshes are low poly enough to keep the part count low, but high enough to be able to build them without folding; the textures are gorgeous; and the models are detailed enough that I get plenty of chances to play with fun little innovations. I'll try to keep more of them on my project list at a time.

If you read through the instructions on release all the way to the end, you'll know that I always try to have some plot-related joke at the end, along with a finished photo to end the guide. I was pretty amused with what I came up with for Lynx's last page, thought I'd post it here, in case you usually glance over.

That's all for now. I'll probably get started on something a bit easier after I clean up the apartment. Expect something released tomorrow.


Ralkai said...

Finally Lynx is ready! I think Harle was a bit lonely in my shelf...

Thanks Kaizo, if you finish the Fargo model soon I'll name you as my own new god! XD

Kaizo said...

People have made that claim before, but I still don't see any worshipers.

Chrono said...

I agree with you, CC model's are the best! Keep on it dude, you are the best!