Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kingdom Hearts Moogle

Kingdom Hearts Moogle

So, this is my first adventure into Kingdom Hearts territory (not that I chose something iconic from that particular series), and I don't think I'm very fond of these models. They're needlessly high in the polycount, and as we all know, I'm completely useless when it comes to fixing up models in that respect.

All the same, the build went faster than I expected, mainly because I utilized the "stacked rings" method for the small parts in the limbs. The original model was built a lot like the old FFVII models in that it was composed of floating parts only held together by an invisible skeleton. Rather than forcibly attach the arms and legs, locking him into a single pose, I thought I'd play it lazy and leave them loose. This way you can punch holes yourself and pose him however you like.

Anyway, I've got some vague plans for what to do with Kingdom Hearts in the future, but I assure you, they won't be what the public wants most out of those games.

Work continues on...lots of things. Scholar's Mortarboard or Fargo up next, not entirely sure yet. I've got the Dark Knight version of Cecil printed, but my printer ran dry again during the Paladin print. I'm distressingly destitute at the moment, so it'll be a bit before I can get more ink.

My brithday's coming up, you could always donate to speed up the process~

Expect another release some time this week...maybe.

Oh right, almost forgot to mention. Apparently this is my 101st post. That seems like...iuno, something? Important? Worth noting, kind of.
Whatever, I'll get back to work.


Fezco said...

Wohohoho... you can never have too many Moogle papercrafts lol. Looks great, man. I'll give this guy a shot along with the Crisis Core Moogle when I get to use my HP printer.

Anonymous said...

How did you import the kh2 model? I just simply can't do it

Kaizo said...

You have to rip the model from a model viewer, using something like 3D Ripper DX. It's a sketchy process, which is why I won't be doing a tutorial on it.

Al said...

you use yaz0r's viewer? because when I press f12 it crashes, thx in advance

Kaizo said...

Yes, and I have a lot of issues with it crashing as well, which is why I say it's a sketchy process. Not really sure what the issue is, but it seems to be different from installation to installation. I know some people have no trouble with it at all.