Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scholar's Mortarboard

Scholar's Mortarboard

This is the last of the big batch I made ready for building a while back (ignoring the Dark Knight helm, which I'm saving for the big Cecil release). Getting to the point where I can count the remaining AF hats on one hand. Of course, I left the most tedious for last, so we'll see how long it takes to get them all done.

Anyway, this is likely the last release for the next two weeks or so. It's crunch time for the first round of exams this semester, so I need to worry about the usual two pages of written material a week, plus a whole stack of "journal entries" for 19th Century philo, and a chapter test in Japanese. Next week I'll get the prompts for my first paper in Ancient. Did this whole build while listening to Thus Spoke Zarathustra on audiobook so I could multitask and prepare for those journal entries I should've been doing for the last month.

I've also been thinking I need to adopt a more regular schedule, so I can afford myself time and discipline to get in shape and maintain other interests. Thinking about aiming for one release a week. That seems like a lot for most people, but I like to sprinkle miniature gimmick release in with my big stuff, so it's not too bad. This also allows me to work on the big stuff in a more focused manner.

I'll let you know what I settle on. If I can find some time to build (potentially listening to another audiobook in preparation for another paper), Fargo will be the next release. Then I can finally get down to work on Cecil.