Monday, March 2, 2009



Got the editing done yesterday, built the model today. The page count is higher than some of the others, but they're all big pieces, so the build goes remarkably fast and easily. Continuing on with the party, as planned. Next will be Red XIII.

If you noticed, I've got a new backdrop for my finished shots. It's not a proper lightbox, just an old black bedsheet tacked up on the wall around the kitchen table. Either way, it looks better than my beat up, dumpster-salvaged table, and the poorly painted, faux-wood paneling on the wall. I moved the posters out from behind it, so I think I'm just going to leave it. In the three years I've lived here, I haven't once eaten at that table...

Only problem is, with a cleaner looking background, the flaws in the model are much more obvious.

Anyway, I really didn't want to do the tease thing, but I also didn't want anyone thinking I was just sitting around doing nothing. The party's growing, and Cloud's ready for release whenever that date arrives. Also I just want to keep showing off my (not)fancy new photobooth.

Now, something of moderate importance. When I put together my build roster, I started thinking, doing so many of the same kind of model in succession might get a shade monotonous. Well it is, and I'm aching for a model with real texture. So, since the Goblin Pack is a pretty massive proposition, I figure I could use some testbuilders to speed up the process.

So, if you're interested in doing some testbuils, shoot me an email or instant message or something of the like. I would prefer that you be able to use 110lb (200gsm) cardstock for the build, as it's the standard I intend to base them on. I also intend to build these with the "no-fold" curved look, so I'd like any tests done in the same fashion.

If I can get some help doing different poses and base models, the whole project will go much faster.

Also added a little poll. The question is one of preference, and there are lots of nuances to each option, but yeah, I figured it'd be worth gauging the general opinion.

My printer is already threatening me with "empty" status, so I may not have any new releases until I get a new cart in from Amazon, but who knows. It said it was empty before I started Barret, and I got 10 relatively clean looking pages out of it...

Anyway, you know the usual nonsense I say at this point, so I won't bother repeating myself.


Unknown said...

I would go with "dotted lines, HIGH transparency" lol (and always an unlined version, of course)
If you don't see the lines well, you can always open the pdf and maximice the piece in the pc to see clearly...
Btw, I have to send you mi finished Harle, next is Kid :D (I've been too busy to do any model lately T__T)

Unknown said...

Nearly forgot... Good job with the last models, Barret rules (although I'd have liked the "sailor version" way more xD)