Monday, March 9, 2009



Would've had this finished and uploaded last night, but a friend of mine managed to talk my into playing D&D with he and his pals all yesterday (it was my first time playing and I must say I rather enjoyed it). The mane is a little tricky, and I briefly considered simplifying it like I did with part of Cloud's hair, but I really like the finished product (even if my build looks like crap), and with the right instructions, it isn't too difficult to follow.

Combined, little twists and whatnot in the body can cause the front paws to pull up and not touch the ground when seated. Honestly, it isn't obvious enough for me to care about, but I know some people do, so I'm planning to use this as an excuse to do stands for all the FFVIII characters I've done so far (as gluing his feet down are the easiest, though perhaps not the most elegant, way to forcefully correct the issue). However, I've got testbuilders waiting for me to get started on stuff in the Goblin Pack, and that takes priority. I'll probably tack the stands on to whatever my next update is, possibly another short video, possibly just a visual update on where the Goblin Pack Project stands.

Edit: Forgot to mention, if you've downloaded Red XIII, you may have noticed I packed the pages a bit tighter than usual. I've been cramming the Goblin Pack pages as tight as I possibly can, and I was trying it out with something I would be building more immediately. I think it turned out alright. As long as the parts are numbered, you can kind of let logical processing in the layout slip a bit.

Anyway, you know the usual deal. Requests, questions, complaints, knockers, blah blah blah, contact.

Also Edit: Just got a rather sophisticated model request, and I ended up spewing so much text at him in e-mail that it was worth copying and pasting most of what I said into an Official Request Policy post (look to your left).