Saturday, March 28, 2009



Got through the edits yesterday and started the build, just finished about an hour or so ago. Plenty of people have mentioned wanting Zack to complement Aerith, so here you go.

The hair was actually pretty easy. He only has a few big spikes in a symmetrical arrangement, so it's not a terrible build. I'm trying some new things with the layouts and instructions. Pages are packed considerably tighter, but I think it works. The instructions are getting more concise, but I think I've got a good method to compensate for that. Let me know if it's no good.

I won't lie, he has some balance issues. I'll try to get back to work on making stands. I'm probably going to need to make a new template that will support models as large as Barret or Cait Sith, but still fit reasonably on a page.

I've got all the parts of the Goblin Pack either tested or out for testing, so the gears of the machine are beginning to turn on their own. I still need to get layouts for weapons, and I still need SUGGESTIONS for which weapons to include (hint hint: start talkin' kids, or you won't see anything you want in the pack). I also want to see some results on the custom texture contest. What's the point of giving you the chance to participate if you don't participate?

Well, back to business as usual. Still got Tifa, Yuffie, and Vincent to take care of. Anyone working on some new FFX/FFXI models yet?

And on a completely unrelated note, having watched all four seasons of the new series of Doctor Who in under 72 hours, I can safely say, that show is fantastic.

Torchwood's not bad either...


Anonymous said...

I really want to make this but i cant seem to open the download!! Can someone help?

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