Friday, March 6, 2009

Video 3: Horizontal Banding

Video 3: Horizontal Banding

This is pretty much my whole deal when it comes to layouts. It's a simple concept, but it's not endorsed by everyone, so I figure it's worth elaborating a little upon.

A thought occurred while watching this: every instance of the word "design" should be replaced with...something. I don't know. Not design. I don't design anything, I just unfold it. Like I (and many trolls) said, I'm not really doing any work here.

Here are the pictures promised in this video:

So here's the thing about thing about the little FPS counter. My webcam is actually a Playstation Eye, for the PS3. I'm using some software to get it running on a PC, and the viewer has a little FPS counter you can't get rid of. The way I'm capturing these videos is with external programs that are basically just watching the screen where the video feedback comes in. In the first video, I was using Fraps, which is great. For the second, however, I wanted to switch back and forth from live video to shots of the PDOs, and I didn't want to have to record several different clips. So I used Camtasia Recorder and set it to watch the same spot, where I put all the stuff I was going to be using under the same 640x480 window. Problem is, Camtasia doesn't seem to like capturing live video at the proper framerate, so while the FPS counter says 30, and on my monitor, I saw 30 FPS, the video you see is only about 15. However, it jumps back to 30 when it's over the PDOs. No idea why.

Apologies again, as for some unknown reason, the music started to go horribly horribly wrong at about the 16:30 mark. I had to split the video there and continue the rest without music. Sorry, from 16:30 forward, it's just you, me, and some paper toys. I'd say it was because I was using Camtasia instead of Fraps, but I used Camtasia for the Cloud WIP video, and that worked fine for four whole hours...

Oh well.

Edit: Apologies, yet again, as I didn't realize how loud the music was in this one until after I had it uploaded. In the process of fixing the busted music, I accidentally turned up the working music in the first section. If you're actually trying to listen to me (and I have no idea why you would) it may be a little difficult.

I'm still looking for testbuilders fr the various Goblin poses, and I've got a few PDOs ready for mockup. I'll spend the rest of the weekend working on getting as much laid out as I can. I've also talked to Zen, the proprietor of who will hopefully get some of her people in on this deal. So if you want to get in on the custom texture contest, you'll have some interesting competition.

Also going to try to get Red XIII edited and laid out some time in the near future. I'd like this Goblin thing to go on in the background while business continues as usual.

Anyway, contact me if you want in on any testbuilding, want some weapon textures to play with, have any requests you'd like to make, wanna show me your knockers, whatever. I'm metaphorically open for business.

Oh and I've already claimed the Bugbear testbuild for myself. Deal with it.

nyahnyah-nyahnyah-nyah-nyah, haha-haha-ha-ha (18:10)


Bradford said...

this video was incredibly helpful for design purposes. I'm new to this concept, but even still the amount of thought and rationale you put into the build phase is awesome