Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Video 4: FFX/X-2 Process

There've been a handful of people who've asked about requests or how to go about this, etc. and it's much easier to just show you how to do it than try to explain. I'm sure more people want to see this than just the few who've asked, so, enjoy.

I'm not sure what went wrong, but in the recording process these little millisecond skips started to accumulate in the narration. For the first...third or so of the video, it's in sync, but by the end there's a solid few seconds between what I'm saying and what's actually happening on screen. Apologies. I tried what I knew to correct it, but to no avail.

As always, the download is the original video, which is completely legible. The Megavideo version is pretty blurry.

Links, as promised:

DVD Decrypter (home of just about everything used in this video)

Rumiano's Blog (home of Chargeur)

You'll need to make an account on FFproject to download files, I think, and you'll need to do a little searching around, but that link should be all you need. As I said, the Collada plugin comes with Chargeur so that just leaves you to obtain 3DS Max. I'm going to just assume you've already got copies of the games.

I'm going to stop posting these videos for download in the Mediafire folder because, well, no one downloads them. It's a lot of extra trouble for me, and it's not worth it (plus the process of splitting the videos for Mediafire size seems to be corrupting this video...rather just scrap the whole notion). I'll still upload the higher res videos to Megaupload, since I don't have to do any chopping after the fact to fit within their size restrictions (no need to upload videos 2 and 3, because they were only recorded at 640x480; Megavideo is true to that).

As I write this I'm about half way through my spring break. Really wish I could be accomplishing more but...well, I enjoy sleep. Recorded this video last night, and after my general morning routine (should be read: lazy process of waking up around noonish), I'm going to get started on the next video, which will be for the FFXI extraction/basic editing process (as well as some demonstrative excuses as to why the Goblin Project is taking so God damn long).

Now if you'll excuse me, I believe I have some leftover Quiznos to consume.


Anonymous said...

when i extracted FFXII iso it came out as two different files and would crash the dumper :\ y???

Kaizo said...

XII or X-2? XII is an entirely different process with different extractors and viewers.

Anonymous said...

ooo i didnt kno :\ im using FFXII I thought the ways to extract were similar but i do have FFX-2 with me Ill try that instead

Anonymous said...

i also have Dirge of cerberus on me :\