Thursday, March 19, 2009

Video 6: Birth of a Stand

Just a simple video showing some things to consider playing around with in Sketchup. I wanted to do this because it doesn't require that you have game data, doesn't require you convert/extract/whatever. Just use your imagination and play around with things.

Unless anyone is interested in watching videos of nothing but me working (no narration, just music), this is the last video for a while, promise.

Also added an "Official Project List" on the sidebar. Still working on getting it fleshed out at the moment.

Should've played something by Miles Davis during the video and called it Birth of the Stand...

Get it? Ahaaaa~



Unknown said...

n since it been 7 years im sure you are long gone but I have a mighty interest enough to contact. if you have a backup of any of these files I would love to have them.

Mr. K said...

The MediaFire folder is still active. These files in particular are under FFVII\Stands.
I've also uploaded all of the videos that gotten taken off YouTube after the transition to YouTube Red (most feature unlicensed background music)